SHAPE, our flagship program, runs in association with Academic Institutions , is dedicated towards awareness of emotional well-being for our young students. We educate them at an early age on the importance of Managing Emotions, Maintain Balanced Personality and Career Roadmap. The program endeavors to let our young citizens learn “Self Love and Care” & “Motivation and Mental Relaxation”.

SHAPE Features

  Structured Curriculum from Nursery till PG.

  Monthly Phygital Group Session for Students.

  Phygital Sessions for Parents, Teachers and Staff.

  Career Coaching along with Industry Interaction.

  Awareness content through Blogs, Pictures & AV

  Individual QnA through portal

SHAPE Deliverables

  Complete Emotional Wellness

  Teenage/Adult Counselling

  Family Wellbeing & Parenting

  Improvement in Teacher’s Efficacy

  Identify Personality Traits and Skills

  Campaigns on all addictions, like Mobile, Substance Abuse

  Managing regular Stress and Anxiety through therapies

SHAPE Outcomes

  Self-Care, Balanced Emotions & Develop Scientific Temper

  Rejuvenated Family Structure & Happier Workplaces

  Sound Ethics & Stronger Moral Values of the Nation as a Whole

  Increased Learning, Creativity & Productivity at Academic Institutions

  A compassionate Community filled with Empathy, Courage & Resilience