Who Are We

Mahadevasth Technologies is a Private Limited Company with Start Up India Certification. The Company is formed to engage in Mental Health Awareness, it’s Diagnostics and Healing through Structured Curriculum for different segments of society.

We are a technology driven platform enabling AWARENESS through Self Help contents and Workshops in your Preferred Language.

Aligning our vision to the Objectives and Principles of National Education Policy (NEP 2020) & National Suicide Prevention Strategy(NSPS) we intend to bring Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing in daily Routine of All.

What Are We Addressing

Major Addictions and Phobias.

Nuances of the Nuclear family.

Career uncertainties and work stress.

Rising Behavioral issues among children.

Rapidly growing Suicides and Suicidal tendencies.

Disturbed lifestyle and managing routine stresses.

What Is Our Approach

Created Mental Health Awareness in Structured way
Involve all stakeholders on the Issues & Symptoms
Encourage Psychometric Tests for Early Diagnostics
Run Mental Health as a Curriculum in Institutionalised structure

Cities Covered




Client Meetings


Workshops Taken

Our Collaboration with Agribid

Mental health issues in farmers constitute nearly one-sixth of all health-related disorders in the Agri Sector. In an attempt to help farmers, India’s one of the leading agri-tech solution providers which aims to redefine the agriculture ecosystem embedded with smart and scalable solutions, Agribid Pvt. Ltd. ties up with Mahadevasth Technologies to provide mental health awareness amongst farmers in India.


Founding Members

Pandey Nidhi

Co-Founder & Director

Devesh Kumar

Co-Founder & CBO

Ashutosh Mishra

Co-Founder & Director

Arvind Tawde

Co- Founder & CTO

Advisory Council